The Characters

Rainbow DashRD_bordi

“Risk, speed, overcoming my limits… All of these are great, but there’s nothing quite like victory and being the center of attention.”

Rainbow Dash is… well, who does not know this rainbow-haired pegasus? Strength, speed, combative spirit. This is what makes Rainbow very special. Or maybe there’s more?
In a world where the sun always shines anew after a storm, someone might find out that you do not need wings to fly.



“As time went by, I’ve learned not to rely on others’ opinions and to keep pushing forward. I’ve had to struggle with things that everypony else could do every day without even thinking twice about them. I’m proud of myself… even though… lately I’ve also had the opportunity to be ashamed of some things I’ve done.”

An unpleasant, stubborn and arrogant pegasus.
But if you can get past the first impression, if you will give this pegasus a chance, you will discover what hides inside… and how not everything is as it seems.



I’m telling you that, usually, we are used to making friends with those who we like and who we enjoy spending time with. If you think that is what friendship is all about… then Icarus is going to give you a hard time.

A caring mother who has dedicated so much for the son, trying to bring a little of happiness into his life. A mare who wants to see her child fly free and not hidden from a world that does not understand him.


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